Other Information

Plug adaptorVoltage: 110 V; frequency : 60 Hz

WeatherTemperature in October: 22-28°C

For further and precise information, please check the website of Central Weather Bureau(CWB) (https://www.cwb.gov.tw/V7e/)
Currency rateUSD : TWD =1:30-31

For precise rate, please check the website of
Bank of Taiwan https://rate.bot.com.tw/xrt?Lang=en-US
Transportation fee in TaichungBus : free within 10 km; 15 NT dollars per ride over 10 km
Taxi : 150-300 NT dollars per ride in downtown
AHLA emergency contact informationIf you need any help, please contact

James Hsu : +886-975666339
Eric Song : +886-988573092